Sunday, 15 November 2009

Diary of a designer's dog 3

It's been a busy couple of weeks…

Ned the Designer has been really busy - in and out of the studio - working with regular and some new clients including nice people at Hachette marketing. He has had his computer with him so I have had no access to my blog. Still if I can bring more work in for him I will demand my own laptop - then invest in typing lessons!

I have found out more about what he does and what Alison the Mosaic Artist does AND she and Ned the Designer have even worked together. 

Alison the Mosaic Artist has a studio that I am not allowed in - there's lots of broken glass and stuff on the floor and lot's of stuff piled up - and apparently there isn't room for me. Well that's her loss! Every day she disappears with a mug of tea, turns on the radio and makes or breaks tiles and turns them into amazing things. 

Now, I am not bigging her up her because she knows how to open my food. Other people like what she does too. She sells them, has them in exhibitions all over the place and she writes articles and books about mosaic too. 


These are the 2 books which Alison the Mosaic Artist wrote. She designed and made all the pieces then wrote about how to make them. Ned the Designer photographed the step-by-steps and designed the whole book (The display photos were done by Graham Price and Gareth Buddo) and the nice people at Kerswell Books published them. They have sold all over the world and have been translated into different languages. In parts of the world she is known as Alison Hepburnova

Here is one of her exhibition pieces and Ned the Designer has one of these (not this one) up in his studio. He must have moved quick because Alison the Mosaic Artist has pieces in collections and on collaboration pieces all over the world. This was the reaction when they opened the package that went to Australia for the Steve Irwin project by Oz Mosaics.

Finally a little industrial espionage - here are some of the tiles she has been making recently - Alison the Mosaic Artist and I have on big thing in common - we both really like shiny stuff!!

That's it for now - more soon


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