Monday, 19 September 2011

Recharging the creative batteries

In times of so much doom and gloom on the news, and the gleeful negativity of the presenters – everyone needs to recharge their enthusiasm and positive energy – that is what the summer is for.

For me recharging the creative batteries is also vital and is a constant process. It is a combination of keeping up with their current creative trends, being inspired by other designers and the approaches, meeting up with friends. This is the day-to-day stuff and is what any good designer does.

Every designer also has their own personal inspiration, personally, it has always been music and live music. The complete immersion in the sound, the light, the energy of the performers and the energy of the crowd for me is truly inspirational.

This summer I have once again been to The Galtres Festival, North Yorkshire, with my daughter. Three days of music, mixing with like-minded festival-goers and being part of a collective crowd sourced enthusiasm. A festival is a way of seeing bands you have never seen or heard before, meeting and making new friends and allowing your soul to be inspired.

For me the inspiration is all this music and the smile on my daughter’s face and knowing she has got the same bug! 

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