Thursday, 8 October 2009

Diary of a designer's dog 1

By way of a general introduction. I am a Mac (not a PC) - some brightspark though this was a good idea to name me after a computer - could have been worse could have been called Dell.  

Ned, the designer, designs these books which are really good to chew, I prefer the paperbacks 'cos the hardbacks are too heavy to carry out into the garden to shred especially the private press editions. Sometimes he does the covers, sometimes he does the whole books and other times he does presentations of books which don't exist yet - no good for me I can't chew these.

Over the summer Ned designed a book with Ray Mears called Northern Wilderness it's about Canada. Not sure if there was any connection but he took Katy and me camping. He took me from my normal warm house to a field where I was expected to sleep in a big plastic bag which was held up with these really tasty things called guy ropes - apparently these are not for chewing either. Honestly, my life is beset with petty rules. 

I wonder if every project he designs will have an effect on my life? 

Apparently he designs for all sorts of people including authors, rock stars, rally drivers, artists, actors and all sorts. He likes working closely with people to get the final books as good as he can and has worked with some people for a very long time so it must be OK. 

Every now and again he goes to work with someone for a few days. Leaving me here with Alison the mosaic artist and Katy - which is also fun - will explain more about them in the future.

All-in-all as a Dog's Trust mutt I seem to have fallen on my feet - more news soon


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