Monday, 26 October 2009

Diary of a designer's dog 2

On social networking 
and other ramblings…

I must admit to being a little overwhelmed with the reaction to my first blog. Being a true net hound I set up a Twitter account to tweet about my blog (@DesignersDog). I have got followers from all over the world including the Kennel Club, Young Kennel Club and Cesar Millan (Ned the Designer always tries to have calm energy - he says!) and many others, not bad for a Dogs Trust mutt from Leeds. 

Of course Ned the Designer is also pleased with my blog as it directed quite a lot of traffic to his website. I have heard of this thing called pay-per-click - but I am not sure if it can be applied in biscuits - negotiations continue.

I tweeted about my blog and loads of my followers read it. Apparently this is called social networking - I suppose being a dog I should have a Digg account - must look into that! 

Other stuff going on - Ned the designer has been out at meetings a lot this week and keeps going to a place called Leeds - not as exciting as my leads, but seems to make him happy. 

Apparently he Ned the Designer is involved with another company as well, a virtual communications agency called The Big Ideas Collective. He works with with 8 other creatives and they all help companies communicate with their customers and generate new business. They do everything from online to print communications - I think I will offer my services as social networking guru - it would seem mean not to! 

I will blog again soon in the meantime - here is an Eddie Izzard clip explaining the difference between cats and dogs - it is Eddie Izzard so be careful when you play it 

Many thanks to all my followers and Mac fans. 

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